Concept Development 

  • Great design, starts with a great concept.  We will work with you to develop an interior concept that not only reflects your brand, it communicates your unique vision and style.

Space Planning

  • Do you have a current space that is lacking a pulled together "aesthetic" or are you creating a completely new space?  We can work with you to enhance your current structural and furniture layouts to bring you a functional and aesthetically pleasing design.

Materials and Furniture Selections

  • Let's have some fun!  This consists of selecting unique finishes and materials to make your space "feel."  Whether you are looking for a simplistic design or the "wow" factor, we can help you achieve this with selections that not only inspire you, they inspire the end user too.

Interior Styling and Staging

  • The space has been designed and on it's way to opening; now it comes down to the finishing touches.  This includes but not limited to: furniture placement, artwork and accessory sourcing and placement. 


  • Throughout the process we will be photographing and documenting. Once your space is complete we will work to stage, prep and consult for photoshoots; using our photography or services of your own.